I’m originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, but am a Navy kid, so I’ve moved around a bit. After living in Italy for nearly three years, I developed a love for constant travel, other cultures, magnificent old buildings, and true Neapolitan pizza. In May of 2018, I graduated from Covenant College with a major in English and a minor in sociology. That May was a pretty significant month because I married my adventurous and selfless husband Chris, who I met our freshman year of college. We both played collegiate tennis together, and he’s now a tennis pro and assistant tennis coach at our alma mater . (If you’ve always wanted a one-handed backhand, then hit him up, but first, you have to be a Roger Federer fan.) I love playing piano, finding cute new coffee shops, and hunting down the Anthropologie in each city I go to. Above all, I desire to glorify God and share His love with others because He is the ultimate Giver of lasting joy and irresistible love.

Joy is contagious. Especially that radiant, tangible, giddy kind of joy that makes your face hurt because you’re smiling or laughing too much. Joy isn’t just a visual emotion or a state of mind. You can hear it through laughter and singing and feel it through a tight hug, affirming pat on the back, or happy tears gliding down your face. Pictures, while individually capturing slivers of those moments, should honestly and wholly portray what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing, and even what you're saying. As a photographer, I want to capture who you are as you are. It’s a great responsibility, but a precious one I would be honored to have.
I believe God has granted us with life— beautiful, challenging, wild, tough, and extraordinary life. Here I am, wanting to capture those moments and all the little and big ones in between. Let me tell your story. 


Montmarte in Paris, France

My husband and I spent nearly a whole day exploring this storybook area. Riddled with the cutest cafes, some overgrown with lush patches of ivy, Montmarte is clearly the inspiration for glam old films and romantic dates over steaming cups of coffee. We devoted half a day to exploring corners and alleys of this city, but I could easily have been content just sitting under colored awnings where Hemingway and Picasso dreamed and created.


Rovinj, Croatia

My husband and I spent a long weekend in Rovinj, and before the first day was over, we were absolutely enchanted by this small coastal city. The cobblestone streets are lined with pastel buildings with some of the alleys leading straight into the crystalline Adriatic. One afternoon, we swam in the ocean, taking periodic breaks against the wall of the city. Chris and I are planning to go back and explore more of this incredibly underrated but absolutely picturesque country.


Positano, Italy

Having lived in Naples, Italy, for three years, I was thrilled to revisit the Amalfi Coast this past September 2019. This time, I was with my husband, and he was immediately immersed in Neopolitan transportation by driving a stick shift Mini Cooper along the coast. What a time. With the endless rainbow buildings and hand-painted tiles, Positano is a vivd speck along the dazzling coast. The surrounding turquoise patches of the Mediterranean are tangibly my favorite color.


Rome, Italy

While living in Italy, my family and I frequented the three hour drive to Rome. Anytime friends or family visited, Rome was at the top of their list, and understandably so. Walking the streets of a city so old and so heavy with history makes you feel small but bewildered. 


Venice, Italy

The Grand Canal is one of the most whimsical sights with gondolas playfully gliding through the water while men in those classic striped shirts serenade their passengers. You're bound to get easily lost in meandering alleys leading straight into canals, but you're okay with it because each corner you turn is just one more piece in this iconic city. Piazza San Marco is riddled with people and pigeons, while the basilica majestically towers above you with its glistening facades and brilliant mosaics.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the closest thing I've seen to Disney World. With so many vibrant buildings and gothic architecture, this city is truly a storybook. My husband had previously been to Prague, but this past September was my first time visiting. I remember turning a corner and entering the Old Town Square, truly speechless at this impeccable city with its incredibly preserved buildings and Baroque flair.


Poznan, Poland

The summer of 2017, before my senior year of college, I spent two weeks in Poland teaching conversational English. To conclude our trip, my team and I spent a couple of days in Poznan to debrief about our classes. Our favorite spot was renaissance Old Town with its rows of slivered colorful buildings, fountains, and cafes- all climaxing with Old Town Hall.