Olja & Nolan – Couples’ Session In Rovinj, Croatia

For three weeks in September, my husband Chris and I are traveling throughout Europe. While in Rovinj, Croatia, (which is now one of my favorite places in the world), I had the opportunity to photograph Olja and Nolan. I was absolutely ecstatic to take pictures in such a precious town. We met at 8am Saturday morning and were able to snag some awesome shots before lots of people started filtering into Old Town. After the shoot, Olja and Nolan took Chris and me out to pastries and coffee. Olja is actually Croatian but lives in Minnesota, where she and her boyfriend work. As I continue to meet complete strangers and learn more about other relationships, I’m continuously thankful for all the sweet and considerate people I get to work with. By the end of sessions, these “strangers” have turn into friends. Maybe not the kind of friend you’ll text every day or go on vacations with, or maybe not even friends whom you’ll see after that session or wedding. However, each hour spent with new people makes me more appreciative for all the other stories you were unaware of but are now so thankful to have been apart of, regardless of how short or long.




Olja & Nolan – Couples’ Session In Rovinj, Croatia