Discovering Your Vendors Through Your Photographer

You might already be ahead of the game and know which florist, HMUA, videographer, etc. to hire. If not, keep reading, and if so, still keep reading! I want to spend a few moments discussing the relationships between wedding vendors/creatives and how to achieve a smoother planning process.

As you sit down and review your wedding checklist, each vendor probably has their own box by it because yes, you have to book each vendor individually. However, you don’t have to go through your planning process seeing each vendor as their own entity, detached from the other. In reality, all your vendors come together on your wedding day to complete the same vision. Your vision. You’ve trusted each creative to deliver a product wholly reflecting what you’ve imagined and want to represent your day. Choosing each vendor can be so daunting, especially as you navigate through multiple websites and portfolios, submit inquiries, check availability, compare pricing, and on and on. In order to circumvent any unnecessary stress or confusion, you could start with your photographer and simply ask for recommendations. Remember, the wedding industry is a photographer’s livelihood. You think you’ve been to/in a lot of weddings? Your photographer has been to way more and has more than likely seen and heard it allll, so why not affirm their knowledge and ask for some help?

To rely on your photographer’s recommendation, you have to first consider why you chose them in the first place. Their art clearly captured your attention, leading you to browse their website, ooh and aah over their wedding galleries, and eventually book with them. You appreciate their organic style, their tones and edits, and how they bring their couples to life in each picture. If you’re going for a warm, moody photographer, you’re not going to pick a light and airy photographer. That photographer, while talented, won’t be delivering the finished product you want.

Think back on your photographer’s Instagram feed or portfolio on their website. You not only like their style, but you also genuinely like the weddings/content you see. That bride’s detailed Hayley Paige gown is gorgeous, her wildflower bouquet is whimsical, and the extra flair of the groomsmen’s floral ties brings all the colors together. Your photographer has gained the trust and admiration of a clientele you relate to. Your style may not be identical, but you certainly admire the pictures and who knows, you might even gain some new ideas for tablescapes.

Clearly, your photographer is working with couples whose styles all complement each other. You probably aren’t seeing any bedazzled centerpieces or a bouquet of fake red roses. Learning who your photographer has worked with and who their brides have hired gives you an inside scoop into those creatives’ work and their relationships with clientele. You’d much rather hire a florist whom your photographer knows and trusts as opposed to taking a chance on that Google florist with two reviews. (Please don’t think I’m disregarding vendors who are just starting their businesses. Everyone starts somewhere, just like I did. However, your planning process will probably be less stressful if you rely on word-of-mouth.)

A few of my brides have requested recommendations for florists, HMUA, etc. I absolutely love giving referrals, just like I love being referred. A huge tool photographers can offer their brides is the opinion of another vendor’s quality of product, communication, and overall demeanor. When one reliable creative can vouch for another, you’ll surely be making a good decision in following through with a referral. Additionally, when photographers and vendors continue to work together, their relationship strengthens, and the wedding day can flow much more naturally. Vendors learn to read each other and can even collaborate or touch base prior to the wedding day in order to nail down details.

Vendor referrals can be especially important for videographers considering those two creatives work more closely than any of the other vendors. They’re both following you and your hubby on your wedding day, capturing most or all of the same moments, all while trying to respect each other’s space and not ruin each other’s shots.

Overall, learn how to rely on your photographer. You obviously love their work, which ultimately is provided by weddings with styles and moods you appreciate! Photographers have their favorite vendors, and they’re excited to help you with all the other elements of your wedding day.




Discovering Your Vendors Through Your Photographer