Alyssa & Ralf – Moody Water Session In Cancun, Mexico

This session was the absolute best reason to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. While at Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres for Alyssa and Ralf’s wedding, we decided to take full advantage of the pristine beach at the edge of the resort. With an early wake-up call, we met the day before their wedding for a sunrise water session. Alyssa looked absolutely incredible for such an early morning and was so excited about taking these. Hardly anyone was on the beach, so it was a quiet morning spent experimenting with some moody photos and crystalline Gulf. It was so hard not to be caught up in the excitement and newness of shooting IN the ocean, so I had to keep reminding myself my camera isn’t exactly waterproof. 😉 I was up to my waist in the warm water, absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to be creating such fun content with Alyssa and Ralf. They changed out of their clothes into bathing suits, allowing for more creativity in the water. We played around with some more moody, sultry looks but of course had to add some more carefree “frolicking” as Alyssa liked to call it. I had such an incredible time with these two in Cancun, and this water session was a sweet preview of their wedding the next day! I’m so very thankful to my sweet photog friend Sam over at Samantha M Photo for trusting me to take these images for her; she passed along such an amazing opportunity to shoot internationally.




Alyssa & Ralf – Moody Water Session In Cancun, Mexico

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