Coletta & Brady – Desert Elopement At the Prada Marfa In Texas

I’m thrilled to be sharing some of my most favorite photos to date outside the Prada Marfa in the Texas desert. I started off 2022 with this wild trip and despite how relentless and exhausting it was, it was simultaneously so very fulfilling. I started with a plane ride from Chattanooga to Dallas, then picked up a rental car and spent the next two days making my way West. I made the most of the trip by stopping overnight in Waco and finally arrived to Marfa, an artistic town pushing up into the Texas mountains near the border. The Prada Marfa in western Texas has been on my bucket list for quite some time, so I was truly in awe when I pulled up to this small, faux store outside of Valentine, Texas. This obscure building in the middle of literally nowhere provided the backdrop for these editorial-style bridals. Coletta and Brady drove from Dallas to meet me here, and they were the sweetest to photograph. Coletta wore a stunning, sleek gown with the most incredible puffed sleeves. Morgan with Olive & Sage Floral created a neutral, dried bouquet that complemented the desert landscape perfectly. As golden hour approached with the sun spilling over the mountain ranges, we had to dodge more and more passersby stopping for photos outside the building. Coletta and Brady were so natural and effortless in front of the camera, bouncing back and forth between striking, editorial looks to joyful smiles and laughs. I’m so blessed to have met them and made new friends far across the state of Texas. A trip to the Prada Marfa was just what I needed to catapult into a new year of running my business – new challenges, learning curves, goals and ideas, and incredible new people along the way.

Florals: Olive & Sage Florals

Gown: Raw Golden Rentals




Coletta & Brady – Desert Elopement At the Prada Marfa In Texas

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